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Samsung is out there with its flagship in the market to compete its flagship counterpart. Yes your right Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is here. Over the years it is said that this Korean smartphone giant lacked in build quality due to its heavy plastic build bodies and hence increasing customer demand resulted in series of Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, mid-range Samsung Galaxy A series with a featured metal frame designs. After all the experiments that Samsung went through before launching its flagship device must say Galaxy S6 Edge is a new and improved with better build quality, software update and hardware.

Design-wise Galaxy S6 Edge is most beautiful phone by Samsung till date. It truly defines its high price flagship title. It has a metal frame with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel which when hit by light at certain angle gives you an attractive translucent effect. Well this new and improved design does have something to debate about some features such as no expandable memory, no removable battery and it’s not waterproof. So we have to wait and watch what people think about these changes that Samsung has made. The edge will probably be one of the key aspects of Samsung’s new identity going forward. Below you can see detail specification Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.





5.1″ (129.2mm)

Storage Capacity


RAM Memory


Secondary camera

Yes, 5 Megapixel

Product weight

132 g

Wireless Charging

text and make calls even with 10% battery



16 Megapixel

Screen Size

5.1 Inch

Bluetooth version


Battery Technology

2600 mAh

Operating System Version

Android OS, v5.0.2 Lollipop


Tell us what you think about Samsung’s new approach and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

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