Paneer Fritters

Paneer Fritters Recipe - Geant Online Blog           This time we bring to you a simple recipe of tempting paneer fritters a quick and easy recipe for your next party recipe list.

♨ Paneer Fritters Recipe



  • Cook the cumin seeds in a large, frying pan for about 1 min, be careful not to burn them. Remove from the heat and place the seeds in a mixing bowl.
  • Add everything else to the bowl and mix well. Using wet hands, take walnut-size handfuls of the mixture, then press into flat little cakes, or patties. They can now be chilled until ready to cook, or cooked straight away.
  • Reheat the pan on a medium hob and add enough oil to cover the base of the pan.
  • When hot, add the fritters, cook until golden.
  • Serve with lime wedges or your favorite dip (they go really well with sweet chilli sauce, or a yogurt and mint dip.)

It is a wonderful accompaniment to tea or juice and will be loved by all. Do try the recipe and let us know…Enjoy! 😋

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