UAE have grown so much in the last few decades, and is now the people’s favourite place to live and work. In UAE, Dubai emerged as the business & cultural capital of Middle East. Although Dubai’s economy was built on the oil industry, the main revenue is now coming from tourism, real estate, retail and financial services.

Back in the early 2000’s where people were reluctant to buy stuffs online, due to the fear of their Credit Card information being stored and misused. Things have changed so far from that day, Today is a different story.  E-commerce/ online shopping is the new trend in the shopping sphere. Due to the increase in the internet and credit card usage, online shopping in UAE is booming. Most online retailers use some sort of 128-bit encryption, and are as secure as banking sites.

As will see this online savvy comes with increased demands for faster service, more selection, and more transparent information in everything you shop, shipping cost and all related services. Valuing the needs of our tech-savvy generation, more and more retail giants are moving to the online shopping space. The simplicity of online shopping is attracting more people to shop online. It’s point, click and done. Dubai as you all know is one of the busiest cities in the world, so are the people. Online shopping therefore is a healthy change in the way people shop.

UAE market is dominated heavily by offline retail. However, online shopping has opened up huge new choices for consumers, not just in terms of what they buy, but how they buy it. There are quite a few small business Start-ups finding success in the online shopping market. The key ingredients of their success are same day delivery without any delivery charges. Social Media and Online advertising support their success.

UAE have a huge market for online shopping and is now only exploited by a few names. Amazon and Peapod showed us that not only digital, electronics and fashion stuffs sells. UK and US saw a number of online grocery shops rising and tasted success.

Shopping grocery online is nothing new, but is limited to certain countries. People are ready to jump on the ‘Online grocery shopping bandwagon’ and that’s one last thing UAE is missing. It’s time to re-think, re-innovate and bring the online grocery shopping experience to Dubai, to make life easier for the rest.

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