It’s been only seven months, but we made our reputation by delivering the best service in the country. Bad weather and traffic still is a major problem, but we still delivered hundreds of orders on the scheduled day and on time. That’s the commitment you can expect every time you place an order with us, whatever the traffic/weather. We give it to our team members for the hard work and dedication.

As Dubai set to break the world fireworks record at the Palm Jumeirah on the New Year’s Eve, we are less likely to get your orders delivered to your home on Dec 31st. As per report from the Arabian Business, this event  are set to cause huge disruption, with road  closures starting from 8 am on New Year’s Eve. From that time, anyone entering the Palm will require a special pass, and no deliveries will be permitted after 5 pm.

Our New Year’s Eve Delivery to Palm Jumeirah

  • We do everything possible to make sure you get your groceries.
  • We only cancel orders as a last resort, in cases like, denied permission to enter Palm Jumeirah.
  • We always aim to re-deliver cancelled orders as soon as we can.
  • We suggest you schedule your delivery to post or pre – New Year eve to avail uninterrupted service from us.

If our service is affected, we will update our website regularly and keep you updated by email or phone. Happy Holidays!

See the best sites to watch the biggest firework display in Dubai on New Year’s Eve below.



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