BlogImageAt Geant Online, it is hard to see anyone sitting idle. From pickers, packers, drivers, customer service agents and myself (cough cough) , you can see their dedication to the work when your order reaches home. Once we receive your order, the real work begins. Pickers rush into the heavily crowded store with what we call “Transformers”- a slightly bigger trolley, then packing and finally to our delivery vans.

Today I want to write something on our drivers and one in particular, whom we think should deserves a special THANK YOU. Our driver are pretty much impressive bunch, regularly battling bad weather (must say that they did a great job to finish deliveries on time even when the whole Dubai had trouble with Sandstorm) and horrible traffic to get the job done.

This week we received emails from Ms.Tuba and Ms. Jody appreciating the great work done by our SuperKool Driver Mr.Atique. Read the emails below.

Email from Ms.Tuba

 Thank you for this new Online Shopping service.

I used it twice and I am so happy. I am working, so it was always an issue to go shopping, choosing, and carrying all the heavy bags…
Today I received my 2nd order, delivered by Mr. Atique, it was on time and flawlessly perfect.Please continue this service. I really loved it.

Thank you.


 Email from Ms.Jody

 Very polite driver

Thank you for sending a very polite and helpful delivery man to Sports City this evening at 7:45 pm. His mobile was (phone number) and his name began with an A.

So a big thank to Atique and thanks to Ms.Tuba & Ms.Jody for writing in to let us know.

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