iOS 7 is now the trending topic among the millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod lovers , and of course among those Android Fanboys out there as well. It was clearly a blinder for any Apple fanboys to buy an iPhone at launch 6 years back. The story isn’t different today. Apple knows what their  customers want and they deliver.

While Google continued to revamp the Android experience; Windows introduced tile based  windows phone OS ; Apple stood almost still. When most of iOS users were happy with the way it was, Apple did a complete overhaul of the iOS with the introduction of iOS 7. You can experience the change , the moment you turn the device on. This latest update bring changes to every menu, every option, every app. Even Siri, which is still said to be in beta has brought some changes with new thoughts and new voice.


The Makeover

Apple UI designer have worked on to bring a new look and feel to the old devices. The first big change you will notice is the icons, then the fonts, transition effects and beyond. The new update is currently available and you can upgrade your device to a new refreshing OS. A redesigned notification shade makes information retrieving less hassle. This was a desperate feature iOS needed as countless Android widgets have proved over the years.



Control center is the best thing about iOS 7. A quick swipe up from the bottom of the screen takes you to the control center.  It provides toggle switches for airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb mode and rotation lock. There’s a slider for the display brightness, audio player controls and access to AirPlay and AirDrop.


Multitasking made easy. The biggest change to multitasking as they see it will be the new interface for switching between active apps and closing those they no longer want to run.When you double-tap the home button in iOS 7, a menu pops up with icons and screenshots of all your running apps — scroll through until you find the one you want, which pops open. If you want to close an app, just fling its screenshot upward.


Another biggest visual change is the built-in iOS apps for the Camera. A new interface makes it simple to switch between taking photos and shooting videos and there are slots reserved for the panorama mode and a new square photo option which indicates how popular instagram is. There is a selection of right filters which can applied before or after you take a photo.



If you’re a long time iOS user, it time to change habits. Swiping one screen to the left from your first homescreen to access the search panel doesn’t work any more. A short swipe down anywhere  below the top of the homescreen will take you to the search panel.


iOS has always been an excellent operating system and iOS 7 remains an excellent operating system. We’re expecting to launch iphone 5s and 5C very soon. Keep tuned to our website and visit for exclusive deals on tablets , smartphones and more.


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