12121Our smartphone’s battery life is always a concern. I use a Nexus 5, which truly is an amazing smartphone. Like most of the smartphone users my phone is always plugged to the charger, whether I’m driving , at work or home, literally making it a LandLine . There is no secret sauce to extend your battery life, while there are some tips and tricks which you can employ to charge your device faster.

Turn it Off

If you want your smartphone to charge faster, turn it Off- so it’s not using any power while it’s charging up-will cut down charge times. If you don’t want to turn it off , because you want to play around with something, then put your device on Airplane Mode which will stop your phone looking for cellular and WiFi signals and can speed up the charging process. You can also turn off the location sharing off, which consumes a lot of charge.

Use a Wall Charger

Most of the times our smartphone is connected to an USB port or car charger. Your phone will charge fastest from a wall charger, rather than via  USB port. Most manufacturer’s suggest wall charger for quickest charge.

Keep it cool

Did you know that battery’s ability to hold a charge is dependent on temperature as well? Well that’s a fact. Battery drain quickly by extreme temperatures. Apple states that “heat will degrade your battery’s performance the most” and advises that you “keep your iPhone out of the sun or a hot car”

Speed up USB charges

If your one and only option to juice up your battery is USB charging, there are ways to speed this process up. Don’t sync your smartphone while charging. It’s also advisable to remove all other USB devices that might be drawing power. Another quick thing to note is that, don’t let your computer go into standby or hibernation mode while you’re trying to juice up your phone.

Let us know how far these things worked for you.


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  1. Mobin Agha says:

    Just went through this useful Blog will try and follow the Charging tips. Thanks a lot and keep on giving useful tips and info’s

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