Geant Online - Weekly Fan Email

It’s always a thrill to get a Fan Mail. This week we are featuring Ms.Sheila Linton’s email. Below you can read her email on how Geant Online have helped her survive a busy day in her life.

Geant Home Delivery?? I used this yesterday for the first time and am so impressed I’m telling you about it. I couldn’t get out yesterday and really needed to stock up on cold drinks/juices/water etc for four visitors arriving for three weeks, and I wasn’t looking forward to hauling huge amounts of heavy shopping, so I went online and made an order. The delivery slots to choose from are two hours periods, so not huge waiting times… I chose 4-6pm. Within ten minutes I had a call to confirm the order and delivery location, and then within half an hour another call to replace an out-of-stock item. I chose cash-on-delivery and the van pulled up outside at five past four. The guy bought all the goods inside for me, gave me a receipt and took the cash. This is one very happy Geant customer!

While compliments are always appreciated, we also hope that you gave us valuable feedback so in as to improve the overall Geant Online shopping experience.

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