Bedroom Makeover Tips

Bedroom Makeover Tips

It’s true that there is no better place like home. You have a unique connection and close relation with each room of your house during different aspects of your life.  One such room is your bedroom where you can just relax, rest and find inner peace.  Since it’s the place where you spend most of your time your bedroom reflects your personality and style. Here are some ways to breathe some new life into your boring bedroom and make it a sleeper’s paradise.

Don’t be afraid to change the way your bedroom looks, even a small shift of furniture from point A to B can give a new life to the age old familiar corners.

Add some chairs and a table in your bedroom so that it feels welcoming and useful not just a place for you to sleep.

Choose your bedroom colors wisely. The color of your bedroom should bring out your identity. While most of us don’t give as much importance to the colors but they do influence your moods and your thoughts.

Don’t let your bedroom be covered by empty walls incorporate some wall paintings to those blank walls and add your favorite artworks to those empty corners to make it more personal and lively.

If your bedroom doesn’t have a good source of natural light, don’t use darker shades of color for your walls and avoid covering the windows with layered curtains or heavy fabrics. Instead, opt for sheer curtains.  A sheer curtain let the daylight through but provides privacy. Perfect!

Why should only one person love the master bedroom? Bedroom should reflect all the distinct individual personalities and style of you and your partner. Be it feminine or masculine your styles, art works, nightstands, bedcovers, mattress, pillow covers, blanket, and comforters don’t have to match. Choose different ones.

While positioning your bed always keep in mind to place it for maximum outside view from your bed so that you wake up to the sun shine and sleep seeing the starts. It does provide some dramatics feel and spreads positive energy in your room.

If you have small bedrooms go for a mirrored wall. Mirrored wall will create the illusion of space and will visually double the space while giving your room an elegant look. This classic trick still works 😉

One spends one-third of his/her life in bedroom! So why waste it living in a dull place. Spend some time decorating it with some simple decoration DIY’s. Make it a place you would love to come back and feel proud about it.

Enjoy experimenting these bedroom makeover tips! :)


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