8 Ways To Cook Your Food

8 Ways To Cook Your Food

Next time when you start cooking the first thing that will come to your mind will be what to cook and which way to cook. On the basis of traditional methods of cooking they can be divided in to two basic ways first the dry heat cooking methods and the other moist heat cooking methods. Let see some of these traditional yet healthier ways of cooking. 

  1. Pressure Cooking: To save energy and to cook food quickly than the conventional way of cooking the best way is pressure cooking. You can cook by adding water or required cooking liquids in a sealed pressure cooker. Don’t worry very little time and water is required for cooking food in a pressure cooker. Dish which includes chicken or any kind of soups usually takes anywhere around an hour to cook on stove while it can be done in 15 minutes using pressure cooker. Vegetables can be cooked in less than 5 minutes. The steam inside the sealed cooker intensifies your dish’s flavor which adds taste and richness to your food.


  1. Microwaving: Microwaving is the best way for no-fat or low-fat cooking. It can cook foods inside out by emitting radio waves generating heat for cooking. Foods might get dried out while cooked in microwaves. Splash some water or place a wet paper towel to avoid such dryness in foods while microwaving it. Fish, chicken and vegetables are best choice for microwaving as it helps to retain its color and preserve its nutrients. Microwave can be used to cook almost anything but do remember to use microwave safe container and little extra oil might come in handy if you don’t like dryness.


  1. Broiling: When it comes to dry-heat method of cooking you can’t miss broiling process of cooking. Where in grilling food is cooked from below here in broiling food is cooked from above, by exposing food directly to heat. You need to adjust the heat exposed on food by bringing food closer and farther from the flame. No need for additional oils for this dry-heat method of cooking, hence this is best for cooking marinated meats, chicken, beefs, salmon may not suitable for cooking veggies. It is simple quick and effective.


  1. Stir-Frying: If you like continuous tossing and stirring then stir-frying is your style of cooking. The best tool for stir-frying is wok, since it’s a high heat from of cooking and woks helps small pieces and ingredients to get cooked uniformly. Nowadays woks are made up of carbon steel which quickly heats up and cools down. Oil is added when the pan is very hot which is required in this process so that pieces do not stick to the pan. Even though oil is required do use it moderately for cooking.


  1. Steaming: To retain foods natural goodness while cooking another best way is to cook it by steaming. From perforated basket, a parchment wrapper or foil, bamboo steamers, electric steamers or covered vessel one can steam in many ways to cook food in an enclosed environment. Cooking food this way allows them to stew in their own juices making it moisturized without adding any other additional fats to it. Be it a squeeze of lemon juice or sprinkle of salt adding a little bit of seasoning is always good before steaming. This is best for fish fillets, stew and little green broccoli trees. This is the best way to preserve the nutrients in the food while cooking except microwaving.


  1. Boiling : Boiling is one of the easiest ways to cook your food; all you need is water and salt according to your taste. Since large amount of water is used to boil food in most cases 60% to 70% of water soluble vitamins are washed away especially while boiling vegetables. But in case of carrots, zucchini, and broccoli boiling is the best way to cook when compared to other types of cooking.


  1. Grilling: If you need that smoky flavor with that juicy and tenderness in your food then the best option is to grill it. Grilling doesn’t require good amount of fats for cooking. It helps in retaining nutrition of food but according to some research it is not suggested to consume grilled food regularly.


  1. No Cooking: Even tough still the debate is on whether raw food or cooked food is best people are trying out this new trend. According to some studies eating colorful rainbow diet consistently help prevent cancer risks. Where some food especially plant based are good to eat raw, since it preserve its vitamins, minerals and fiber in its purest from without additional added sugar, salt and fats. Some foods when cooked like tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach amplifies nutrients in it.

So whats your style of cooking ?

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