5 Foods High in Probiotics

5 Foods High in ProbioticsWhen we hear the words “bacteria” or “yeast” the first think that comes to our mind is diseases causing microorganisms but the one we are talking about are the good ones. Yes the probiotic yeast and bacteria which are good for your health and especially ones digestive system. These are the ones who can keep your gut happy and healthy.

Check out these 5 foods that are full with probiotic goodness for improving your immune & digestive system.

1. Yogurt:

Yogurt is used throughout world in many different cuisines in different ways.  Yogurt is most famous probiotic product known to consumers hence it is marketed as a delicious food which promotes health. Some of the important nutrients like vitamin B, potassium, protein and iodine can easily be found in a cup of yogurt with forty five percent of your daily calcium needs. A gram of probiotic yogurt contains millions or tens of millions of live bacteria. If you have mild lactose intolerance no worries enjoy your cup of frozen or cool yogurt and boost both of your digestive and immune system.

2. Dark Chocolate:

Shocked! Yes you read it right dark chocolate has probiotic capabilities in it. Dark chocolate contains both probiotics with antioxidants which a normal chocolate lacks in it. It is advisable that one should have your probiotics before a meal so don’t have dark chocolates for dessert. So have your yummy bite keep your stomach healthy.

3. Pickles:

Next time when you will make a sandwich do add those salty pickles to it. The common salty or sweet pickles contain a good amount of essential probiotics in it but avoid the vinegar ones because vinegar is a hostile place for good bacteria’s to grow. Most pickles do have some sort of probiotics in it. Pickle juice is rich in electrolytes and can ease your muscle cramps too.

4. Kefir:

This milky beverage can be much better source of probiotics in your diet. Kefir contains ten to twenty different types of bacteria in it. Kefir drink is made from fermented milk with kefir.  This fermentation makes it better than drinking ordinary milk. You can say it’s a cross between milk and yogurt. It can ease lactose intolerance in you. Have it plain or flavored or as a smoothie.

5. Bananas :

These bananas are full of surprises not only they are cheaper in price but also they have so many health properties in them. Bananas contain fibers and it feeds good bacteria helping them to grow and multiply.  It helps to fight against colon cancer, protects against intestine infections and improves your immune system. Fibers in bananas help intestines in mineral absorption balances sugar level and thus reduce cholesterol intake.

So don’t think twice before eating these foods just have it and keep your guts happy and boost your immune system.

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